· In development at R/GA London ·

Pollution varies widely from street to street, but most cities' air pollution sensors are static and don't provide live public updates.  

By arming Nike runners with wearable pollution sensors, we're turning them into moving air quality detectors.

This will allow us to create the first live and most granular pollution map a city's ever seen, able to detect and show the cleanest air routes. 

A game changer for pollution mapping. 


The pollution map will live in the NRC App, and will allow runners -or walkers- to pick their route depending on air quality.

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We've been working on the development of a sensor with the help of King's College London and the NGO Hubbub. Our aim is for the sensor to be so accurate its data is accepted by official organizations, helping scientists and engineers improve cities' traffic and contamination models.

After that, the possibilities are limitless: